Mechanical Engineer

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Full Time
Job Experience:
8 year
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Key Skills:
Pumps, Valves, Repair, Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics, Overhauling, service engineer

Job Description

1. Good all round knowledge of all engine room and deck machine. 2. Hands on experience in overhauling of various types of main engines, auxiliary engines, gear boxes, pumps, valves, winches, hydraulic motor/pumps etc. 3. Good knowledge on propulsion system including removal, overhauling and refitting of various types of tail shaft. Coupling stern tube bushes, fix and variable pitch propellers, rudders etc. 4. Supervise a team of skilled mechanics on all repair actual. 5. Prepare a good write of all repair activities carried out as work completion certificate Company Details: Ocean Marine Ship Repairs LLC its shipping company Contact person- Amna khan Recruiter Name:Kompal Murrawat Contact Company:Ocean Marine Ship Repairs LLC Email Address: