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Professional painters work for construction companies, contractors or buildingmanagement companies and may paint houses, business structures or bridges. Theymust have a high school diploma or GED certificate and can benefit from anon-the-job apprenticeship or technical school training.

TheU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that painting jobs werepredicted to increase 7% during the 2014-2024 decade, which is as fast as theaverage for all careers. As of May 2015, the annual average income of painterswas $40,540, according to the BLS.
Job Duties
Professional painters begin by preparing surfaces for painting. This mayrequire removing old paint, filling holes and washing walls. Sandpaper, wirebrushes, scrapers and abrasive blasting may be used to prepare a surface. Holesand divots are filled with putty, plaster or caulk. Professional painters mustalso ensure that surfaces are not susceptible to moisture by sealing cracks andcorners where building materials meet.

Aftera surface is clean and ready for paint, professional painters apply primer.Primer selection is based on the location and type of surface being finished.Professional painters must apply primer and paint at the appropriate spreadrate and temperature in order to ensure the best results.

Professionalpainters must have a keen knowledge of color theory. While color selection isultimately up to the customer, painters must be able to advise clients andunderstand how to create the appearance their customers seek. They may usevarnish, oil or paint additives to derive specific colors and textures. Theymay also use special techniques to provide decorative and faux finishes. Thesefinishes often require the use of washes, glazes and layering. Professionalpainters may also use techniques such as sponging, distressing, stippling andcolor blocking to create effects for their clients.

Jobsite preparation and clean up must also be handled by professional painters.They may build scaffolding and use drop cloths or tape. Paint spills, dust fromsanding and other materials must be cleaned and removed from a completed jobsite.


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